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Welcome to our club. This page brings together a wealth of information about the club. In particular we provide a rich picture about our extensive history, records, our club song, the Bruce Pryor Hockey Field and our foundation.

If you are new to the club as a player it is essential that you learn our club song as you will be singing this with your team in your victories.

If you have a passion for history the you must read our club history. We have an extraordinary history and indeed you can see how hockey formed and evolved in Sydney.

Our Annual Reports on this page provide a great summary of our hockey success, camaraderie, fun and tremendous outcomes for the year. Thank you for everyone who contributed to this fabulous club.

I trust you will enjoy the reading and learning.

President, SUHC

Life Members

Please read all about our newest and wonderful Life Members Anne Simmons and Rowan Johnston


Club History

Sydney University Hockey Club started in 1906, and just possibly in 1905. It is proud to be:

  • the oldest hockey club in NSW
  • the third oldest hockey club in Australia
  • the oldest university hockey club in Australia, and
  • the only club (surviving or otherwise) that was involved in creating the first men’s and the first women’s hockey competitions in Sydney.

Our early history is therefore the history of hockey in Sydney, in NSW and in Australia. We have prepared a fascinating and extensive description of our history. We have also prepared a shorter version of the history of hockey in Sydney.

Annual Reports

The SUHC Annual reports are below. Great documents to remind ourselves of our great club, its activities and successes. Always fun to go back and remind yourself of the fabulous year.

Our Song

The Sydney University club song has been “sung” by us and other Sydney University sporting clubs for almost 150 years. The tune should be “Men of Harlech“, and the words are:

The ‘Varsity

Grads and undergrads and fellows,
Gaudy profs in reds and yellows,
Sing with lungs as tough as bellows
To our ‘Varsity.

Some of us are mining,
Some in arts reclining,
More and more
Attack the law
And revel in its methods of refining;
Some are fools and some are clever
Faculties divide and sever,
Still we all belong forever
To our ‘Varsity.

Varied are the tastes of students,
Varied our degrees of prudence,
Very varied our amusements,
At our ‘Varsity.

We shall soon be scattered,
Friendships maybe shattered,
Some, or all
Will grope or crawl,
And get up very knocked about and battered.
Some are hung and some are married,
Some for years in gaol have tarried,
Still they are all members of the
Same old ‘Varsity.

We also know that the club had its own unique hockey war-cry back when it started. There is a transcript of it in 1901, but we do not know how much earlier or later it was used. It goes:

“Bully, bully, shoot: bully, bully, shoot!
Drive fast and follow, drive fast and follow.
Whack it in, whack it in,
Sticks, sticks, sticks!”



The Bruce Pryor Hockey Field