Mens 3rds Match Report

Mens 3rds Match Report

The Crowd went “OOooooooo”

The Crowd went “AHHhhhhhhhh”

The Crowd Went “Hot Damn” as the se—st team in SUHC* took the field to take on Moorebank-Liverpool, and boy wasn’t there a score to settle. They had beaten us in Round 1 earlier this year, but we’d knocked them off in the Grand Final three years ago (remember, before Covid….)

Big Daddy Ant rallied the troops and set the game plan. Protect the house and score more goals than they do.

As the first quarter started, the Boiz in Blue settled in to take control of the game. With powerful ball movement from the backline, we found miles of space up the line and the forwards could smell blood in the water.

The midfield showed their dominance using their speed, experience and smouldering good looks to work the 1-2’s, working our way high into opposition territory, it was obvious “Be The Ball” was at the forefront of everyone’s minds. The defence was rock solid, even the forwards were back tackling. Some say if Ant hadn’t of executed one of the cleanest tackles I’ve seen in a while, he would still be sliding to this day.

But Moorebank weren’t going to go down without a tussle. With a charge up the right sideline, and a ‘tackle’ that would have made any South African proud, they managed to get their first Short Corner for the day, which was however ultimately no match for the strength and charisma that our backline possess.

The day was looking good, but then disaster struck. The mighty Stallion Max Loxton, the work horse for the team, read the Moorebank midfield like it was yesterday’s newspaper to turn the ball over at half way but in doing so pulled up lame. He was very glad we weren’t out at Randwick so no green screens were needed, but this left a lot of miles to be covered with a lot of time left on the clock.

The contest was fierce, but the Boiz in Blue had their foot on the accelerator and with another beautiful turnover from the midfield, found Will “Pyjamas” Shuler perched on top of the D to put it past the keep. 1 up, but the job was not done.

As the fourth quarter started to tick down Moorebank made a final push. With what I call witchcraft, the whistle blew and both arms from the umpire went up. This time they were dialed in, and they slid a drag flick past the postie to even the scoreboard.

With beautiful smell of a BBQ wafted across the field, the Boiz in Blue got hungry, not only for a snag. From the back of the pack Lee “WHAT!!!” Baker had great vision throwing a long ball with pin-point accuracy, I mean he could thread a needle at 10 paces, which again found Will. With some fancy stick-work that only those forwards have, he worked his way into the D and slotted a beautiful back stick into the net. The top of it.

From there, the game was in the bag. The composure and experience shown was a sight to behold and has left the PL3 boys in equal 3rd on the table and excited for a run into the second half of the season.

Final Score 2-1 to the Boiz in Blue.

3 Players Player points went to Will and 2 to Big Daddy Ant with heaps of players getting 1 point.

The Umpires awarded Will 3 points (Justin Knott is still waiting for his autograph) and 2 went to Bede “Justin’s Coach” Johnston.


Photo captures the intense post game analysis.

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