Match: Womens 6th Grade

Match: Womens 6th Grade

T6s had a frustrating start to the first game of the season. With the match running late and a missing umpire, we ended up losing almost half of the first quarter.

After such a chaotic start, we started on the back foot, mostly confined to our defensive half, with the odd fast break showing some promising signs. Some fantastic work by defence limited Canterbury to a single short corner and no goals.

Coming out in the second quarter saw more even play between the teams – plenty of back and forth with minimal goal scoring opportunities for either side.

Starting the second half saw the momentum switch fully in our direction. Rookie keeper Julie McMullen had a very boring quarter, not seeing a single entrance to our circle from Canterbury. During this period we had our first and only short corner of the game. A perfectly placed push out by Kim Scott allowed Sarah Dawes time to execute a solid shot from the top of the D, but it unfortunately swung a fraction too wide to the left. We continued to keep the pressure on Canterbury, though multiple scoring attempts were batted away by their keeper.

As we entered the final quarter, the score still 0-0 but the momentum was fully in our favour. We maintained good control of the play and saw plenty of opportunities to score. Five minutes in came our first goal: a great passage of play down the left side of the field into the circle and a pass across goal to Emily Thompson, who squeezed it passed the keeper for the team’s first goal of the season. A few minutes later, after some relentless attack, came our second goal: Natalie Ambrose picked up multiple rebounds off the keeper before finally sending it through to the back of the net.

With the game almost over, Canterbury launched a last ditch effort to get themselves on the board. Unfortunately a series of unfortunate errors in our defence, led to a Canterbury striker scoring and removing our clean sheet. Despite the last minute slip up, it was a good win and a solid start to the season.

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