Masters News

Masters News

How good is hockey!


It is great to be back playing again. Now if we can get it to stop raining…become immune to CoVid and solve world peace well how good would that be!




All teams have got off to a great start and sit comfortably in the 4. The quality of players across our Masters has improved this year which bodes well for the season.


A big welcome to all our new players.


Premier: Sam McLennan (Glebe), Michael Skinner (SEHA)

Sydney Cup: Greg Bawden, Shiv Rathore, Greg Smith (KIAMA)

Masters: Pete Busch and Kev Chivers (Glebe),

Legends: Tim Cox.


Interestingly only one of the above players has come from within SydU.


All teams continue to struggle with numbers. Ideally, we are looking for 13 players for each game. Thank you to all those guys who have been helping out up and down the grades. A particular mention to Stu, Max, PJ, Sniff, Mal, Lox, Chuey, Pricey, Flynny and others who have all been doubling up regularly and can be relied on to back up.


You are the guys that keep the Club alive and well.


More players please.


We have recruited really well this year and our new venture with Glebe has delivered us 3 new players. Ben Hardy has recruited a couple of new players from SEHA and Simon Greville has the Orange region covered.


We are still looking for more players. We really need to increase all teams by at least 2 players and Legends have been really struggling for numbers. Anyone you can recruit will be made very welcome.


A quick reminder on the age limits.


Premier 34+ in 2022

Sydney Cup 35+ in 2022 and not playing PL1 – PL3

Masters 40+ in 2022

Legends 55+ in 2022


If you want any information or know of someone who would like to play hockey for Sydney Uni please contact me in the first instance and I will point you in the right direction.



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