Masters C Grade

Masters C Grade

Masters C Grade 25/6/2019

Midwinter, midweek evening, cold and wet. Parramatta road a car park. Long day at work. Might be time to drive out to Homebush and play some Vets hockey!

Uni C Grade is suffering nose bleed this year, sitting second on the ladder after a half decade during which we rarely troubled the scorers. This game against bottom team from Penrith, short a couple of players, was perhaps more a battle for motivation and against the elements than a hockey challenge.

Some nights turning up with a full team and some subs what it takes to win. Call the 3 points a reward for organisation and commitment.

Anyway Penrith sat back, conceded the flanks, filled the defensive quarter and challenged us to unpick their defence.

We may have spent 20 minutes revelling in the space across the half line, looking good charging into the corners and crashing it hopefully into the circle, but eventually settled into a better pattern of controlling the ball into it and seeking corners.

Hendo eventually got onto one and opened the scoring under a non de guerre. Soon after Penrith stopped a corner follow up with a big size 10 boot and the awarded Pen Stroke allowed Fitz to celebrate his birthday with a low hard flick into the corner.

Half time 2-0.

Chowny arriving at half time meant that we were fielding the clubs two highest ever career goal scorers. Surly we would run up a tally now.

Better control, some good ball movement and we turned the screws on the our unambitious opposition and their parked team bus. A corner excited with the hardest hit of the season by Chowney took it to three nil, and Troy made it four soon after.

Penrith barely crossed the half way in the second half but a crowded defence prevented us dining out on them. That’ll do. Whistle.4-0. Drinks and Cricket at the Concord west, except for a few us us going the field next door for D Grade at 8.30. Where would you rather be on a rainy Tuesday night?

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