Legends Match Report

Legends Match Report


As the season ending approaches, our mens master’s team, SUHC Legends, is in the top 4. It has been a difficult season as we, and our other masters’ teams, have struggled to get full teams to compete. Legends lost 6 players this year through injury and relocation. Fortunately, we had SUHC Masters (3s) to call upon and have not had to forfeit any games so far.

Our most recent game resulted in a 3-0 win against Ryde. A rewarding win all round. The defence was rock solid to the point we think Crichton in goal was bored. It was a magical night of hooking up phases of play, sharp passes, transfers, leads, positioning and deception. Why don’t we always do that you ask as we often do in the post game analysis. We have had a long and tough, strongly fought competition with Ryde over many years, often overflowing with intensity on both sides. So it was wonderful to see the lads up the middle and front slot some well crafted goals from from great build up. Definitely a good team night.


Our legends team is the most sociable master’s team and are regular visitors to the Concord pub whether we play the early or the last game.  For a change several players decided not to go to the pub but head off for a post-game Indian meal at Homebush. The following day came the dreaded news that one player had succumbed to Covid. As I write this, at least 5 legend players have now contracted Covid.

Sydney 60s were competing at the state championships in Wyong shortly after our mid-week game. Bott & Harty had been selected in the Sydney team but Harty had to withdraw having contracted Covid. Bott who had played in the game against Ryde but showing no symptoms, headed off to Wyong for the state championships. Bptt may not have caught Covid but he certainly caught the massive rain dump over the weekend.

Good luck to all SUHC teams as the finals approach!

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