COVID Game Rules

COVID Game Rules

It is fantastic to be back playing hockey. However there are some very specific and important procedures we need to follow. Firstly keep in regular contact with the website posts and Facebook as COVID conditions change. Secondly we have procedures and rules for our Bruce Pryor Hockey Field. Please review them here before you attend the field and support Scott Barker in reminding fellow club members of our obligations. Thirdly, HNSW has provided a general Coronavirus advice graphic which you need to keep in mind in addition to the SUHC procedures and rules.

Lastly, and importantly, any players who have visited Victoria and/or one of the identified reported case locations (listed in this link) in the last 14 days, need to contact SUHC’s Covid Officer, Scott Barker, immediately on .  You are not allowed to attend the field or games. Please also contact your coach or VP to let them know that you cannot play.

SUHC advocates the  “Get in, play, get out” motto. Let’s play it safe and have fun with the 2020 competition.

Regards, Eliza


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