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Section 3 - Our Fees

Please read and follow the instructions on the SUHC website before completing this online membership process

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Section 4 - Joining Sydney University Sport and Fitness (SUSF)

Registering with SUHC on-line automatically makes you a member of SUSF. Details of SUSF's extensive services can be found at The following information and confirmations are required in order to grant membership of SUSF and enable you to play with SUHC. Full details of SUSF's Member Code and Policies (including membership Terms and Conditions) can be found at and

If you have already obtained an SUSF membership for this year you MUST still complete this section. However, you should talk with the SUHC Treasure after you have become a member of SUHC to determine if you are entitled to be repaid some or all of your initial SUSF membership fee. IT IS NOT POSSIBLE TO JOIN SUHC ON-LINE WITHOUT JOINING SUSF AS PART OF THE SAME TRANSACTION.

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If you have ticked any condition in Medical Section 1, you will need to obtain medical clearance from a medical practitioner before commencing any activity at any Sydney Uni Sport & Fitness Facility.

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