Summer Hockey

Sydney Uni Hockey Club is running mixed summer hockey. It is an 8 week 7-aside Mixed Summer Comp at the Bruce Pryor Hockey Field, Cumberland.  Here is the key information you need to know. Team managers need to submit teams by 21 Oct 2020.

27th October – 15th December
Tuesday Night
Wednesday Night subject to numbers

$450 per team entered. This includes all the competition costs for 8 weeks. Note: Any NEW player that did not play in the 2020 winter competition will need to also pay the HNSW registration fee. Those new players will be contacted separately.

  • Round robin style 7 a side mixed comp (Max ten registered players per team)
  • 40 min games (20min halves with 5 min break) on half a hockey field
  • Proposed game times 6:30pm, 7:15pm and 8:00pm
  • Subject to numbers will run a competitive and a social comp

How do I sign up a team for the summer comp?  

Step 1: Organise a team and nominate a team manager
Step 2: Team managers to email team lists, proposed team name and shirt colour preference to by COB Wednesday 21st October.
Step 3: The Summer Comp Committee will then contact each team manager to pay their comp fee by going to the Registration menu item on the home page. Managers will be advised if there are any players who require HNSW registration. Confirmation will be given on whether or not the Wednesday night will proceed.

Step 4: The Summer Comp Committee will circulate the draw and the games can begin.

If you don’t know anyone forming a team and you would like to join one please, or for any enquiries, send an email to and we will find you a team!

COVID-safe Rules

There are some very specific and important procedures we need to follow including for summer hockey. Firstly keep in regular contact with the website posts and Facebook as COVID conditions change. Secondly we have procedures and rules for our Bruce Pryor Hockey Field. Please review them here before you attend the field and support Scott Barker in reminding fellow club members of our obligations. Thirdly, HNSW has provided a general Coronavirus advice graphic which you need to keep in mind in addition to the SUHC procedures and rules.

Lastly, and importantly, any players who have visited one of the identified reported case locations (listed in this link) in the last 14 days, need to contact SUHC’s Covid Officer, Scott Barker, immediately on .  You are not allowed to attend the field or games. Please also contact your team manager to let them know that you cannot play.

SUHC advocates the  “Get in, play, get out” motto. Let’s play it safe and have fun with the 2020 competition.

Regards, Eliza


Uniforms and Must-Get Merchandise

Just Hockey Sydney provides our  uniform and hockey equipment. This includes tops, skirts, shorts, socks and of course hockey shoes. They also have an excellent range of sticks, bags, goalie gear, gloves and masks. They are located in Olympic Park at the Hockey Centre. Be sure to mention you are from Sydney Uni and Robbie and his team will give you 10% off.

Merchandise – now is the time! Get your gear, get ready for the winter season. Best of all save some money and organise a group purchase for your team or friends. You can order anytime for as much as you like. Have a look at the photos, get organised and get those orders in early. Look the part as supporter or player, get the gear and get your team looking sharp.

Men’s Competition

Sydney Uni has an amazing range of talent and fun in the Men’s competition. We have huge depth from the elite premier squads to the men who want to learn and develop. Anyone with any range of talent can play for Sydney Uni. You don’t have to be at uni. We are keen for men with a passion to develop their talents or just have fun.


Women’s Competition

Sydney Uni women enjoy an immense range of talent and depth. We are fortunate to have highly competitive premier league teams that have created great success through all ten grades for players seeking competition and active fun. With ten teams we have an amazing network of female players passionate about their hockey and tremendously engaged socially as a club. We welcome all players of all skills. You do not have to be at uni.


Junior’s Competition

At Sydney Uni our goal is to create a fun and positive environment in which our junior players can develop their skills and love for hockey. Additionally, we aim to expose our players to role models, build a sound sporting culture and provide an excellent environment in which junior players can develop. Sydney Uni (despite the name) is a full spectrum club and has hockey teams for boys and girls aged 5 to 18. Our Director of Hockey has an absolute passion for developing our young players.


High Performance Program

As the Director of Hockey part of my responsibility is to implement pathways for Elite Athletes. In partnership with Sydney Uni Sport and Fitness (SUSF) we have access to world class facilities and support service staff (ie. Strength and conditioning coaches, sport nutritionists, sport psychologists etc).

– Scott Barker, Director of Hockey

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Elite Athlete Program

Are you an Elite hockey player or one with potential? Pursuing excellence in hockey  can be challenging. With access to the benefits of our Elite Athlete Program through a sporting scholarship you can realise your potential and perform as a university student. Want to join a distinguished group of hockey players who are leaders both on and off the hockey field? Then play with with Sydney University and look into our Elite Athlete Program.

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Our Vision

As the Director of Hockey, my vision for Sydney University Hockey Club (SUHC) is to deliver the best and most inclusive Hockey experience for all members both on and off the field. With this vision in mind my focus is to create lifelong members and friendships within the hockey family and maximising your enjoyment within Sydney University Hockey Club.

– Scott Barker, Director of Hockey

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Strong masters, spirited competition

Great mens masters teams. We play across four divisions catering for all levels of expertise. Additionally off the field Sydney Uni has arguably one of the best cohorts for community, camaraderie, get-togethers and old fashioned mateship. Competition and fun – what more could you ask for?

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Sydney Uni Leadership Team

We are a team passionate about hockey and a great community

Sydney Uni Sport and Fitness is a terrific sponsor and provider of professional services. They provide the power of the university’s sporting infrastructure for the benefit of the club and individual hockey players. SUSF sporting resources are excellent so drop and enjoy all that sporting expertise. Thank you SUSF for your enduring support to Sydney Uni Hockey.

The Glebe Hotel have provided a lovely venue, great support and is a great location for delightful fare and a relaxing exchange for family, friends and hockey teams! We appreciate the commitment to SUHC. Go and enjoy a fine meal and a glass with your teams in an elegant building in the heart of Glebe.

Just Hockey provides our uniforms and has been a generous supporter of Sydney Uni over many years. An excellent range of strong brands in hockey equipment and clothing. SUHC particularly appreciates Just Hockey being our stockist of SUHC uniforms. Great handy location at Homebush where SUHC members receive a discount or buy online.