Useful Hockey Sites

Click on the links below to go to the websites with information and other stuff that may be interesting to the SUHC community.

International Hockey Federation   FIH Rules of Hockey 2017 (pdf) FIH Rules of Hockey 2017 (pdf)
Hockey Australia   Rules of Indoor Hockey 2017 (pdf) Rules of Indoor Hockey 2017 (pdf)
Hockey NSW   HockeyEd - online HA and HNSW umpire and coach educator
SHA   Coaching Videos - a list of youtube training material from RHHHC
North Area Junior Hockey    HISTORY OF HOCKEY
SWHL    SUHC History - brilliant!
Sydney Mens Masters    Wikipedia - History of Hockey etc (don't use this in exams)
North West Sydney Hockey Association   Origins of SUHC and Sydney Hockey v2016 Origins of SUHC and Sydney Hockey v2016
 NEWS and SCORES    OTHER HOCKEY CLUBS - Hockey scores from around the world   Corinthians Hockey Club, Dublin - Chris Pelow's base, and Scrappy's for a while -  Hockey news from around the world   New South Wales Hockey clubs - a contact list for most clubs in NSW
Managerhockey on Youtube - great hockey videos   Melbourne Uni Hockey Club - 100+ years of history with us
Hockey Australia's Watch page - Hockey Australia's list of upcoming TV coverage of hockey games   Glebe Hockey Club - competitors, but at least they take communication seriously
Just Hockey website - our longstanding and supportive sponsor