Our Club

SUHC is one of Sydney's largest hockey clubs with players of all ages and skill levels. Our teams play in the Men's, Women's, Masters and Juniors competitions. Our players range from Australian representatives to beginners, and their ages from under 9 to over 55 and beyond.

We welcome new players from everywhere for all our outdoor and indoor teams.

Many of our players are current or former students at Sydney University, but we are a community club and you do not need to be a student to play with us. If you are a student you do not need to be a student at Sydney University: we have many players who are students from overseas or who attend other institutions in Sydney. Players in our Juniors and Masters teams are rarely enrolled at any University.

In recent years we have fielded a minimum of eight Men's teams, nine Women's teams, three Masters teams and four Junior teams (boys and girls in the age groups Under 11, Under 13, Under 15 and Under 17). We will also field some Under 9 players in the North Area Under 9 "Quarter Field" tournaments

Trials for all teams are usually in February or March, but please contact us at any time if you wish to play as we may have vacancies.

Each summer the Club competes in the Sydney Indoor Hockey competitions, which runs from September to December and then in January to March. In some years we have had more indoor teams than any other Sydney club. In 2014 we won the Sydney Men's competition for the first time.

Together with SU, SUSF and many unbelievably generous donors, we are now building a new international-standard hockey turf at Cumberland. Work began in October 2016 and will be completed at the end of March 2017 It will be our home base, and will have the benefit of the nearby gym and oval. The aim is to add a second turf soon after.

Our recent Annual Reports can be accessed here:

SUHC 2011

SUHC 2012

SUHC 2013

SUHC 2014

SUHC 2015

SUHC 2016

SUHC 2017

Please email the Vice President for the group you're interested in if you want to find out more about playing for us. Their email addresses are:

•    Men's teams:  menshockey@suhc.asn.au
•    Women's teams: womenshockey@suhc.asn.au
•    Juniors:  juniorhockey@suhc.asn.au
•    Masters:  masters@suhc.asn.au