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Masters A team win 2016 Masters Premier League Grand Final

Our masters A team won the 2016 Grand Final with The title came in a 3-1 win over valiant Manly.

SUHC last won the title in 2005, with several stalwarts from then still playing in this team.

Wanted: SUHC Annual Reports from 2003, 2004, 2005 and 2006

Please Help! Our club archivist Brett Radcliffe has been able to track down acopy of almost every SUHC Annual Report published in our 107+ year history... except the reports for 2003, 2004, 2005 and 2006. Do you have a copy of any of them?

If you do, please email Brett or the webmaster, or scan the report and send the scanned copy to either of us. We would love to make sure that the history of the State's (and possibly Australia's) oldest surviving hockey club is as complete as possible.

Send us any Club News!

Our news is only as good as the information you send to the webmaster... so send news about any current or former SUHC players (or future players - the Juniors are always on the look-out) to the webmaster.  If it’s hockey-related it is more likely to be published!

Keep sending your insights for "Thinking about Hockey" too. SUHC has some of the best-educated players in the country, so we should be able to offer some important insights back to the hockey community.

Check your Old Photos and your own memorabilia

Brett Radcliffe does a fantastic job as SUHC's unofficial statistician and archivist. He has prepared a list of the men's SHA premiership winning teams list, but is still short a couple of team photos. We are hoping that someone in the club past or present can help fill in the blanks.

The big gaps are the 1930 1st grade team (may be in the SUSF archive), photos of the 1979 (4th division) & the 1994 7th grade (commonly referred to as the "vets") teams. In addition, some of the photos (appendixes 6,7,8,9 & 10) are team photos taken sometime during the season and were not taken on grand final day. If anyone has any grand final or better quality team photos of the teams listed Brett would really appreciate a copy. He can be contacted through the webmaster.

Compare the Pair

The 2011 Grand-Final-winning Vets C team should be compared to the original SUHC Vets team. The Club thanks these very long-term and evidently solid supporters, most of whom played again in 2012 and are on for 2013.
Our first vets team in 2001 was:

Players to look for here are Malcolm Newman, Bruce McCormick, Crichton Smith, Andrew Clarke, Tony Selmes, Bruce McKay and Martin Mills, who played in 2011 in vets C. Most were available for the Grand Final, and their less youthful faces appear again in the photo from that game. In addition, Mike Irby, Steve Garrett, Peter Pether and David Clarke are still playing, but not in Vets C.

Our 2011 Vets C team, pictured after their Grand Final win, were:

Back: Ken Kershaw, Malcolm Monteiro, Tony Selmes, Alberto Paludetto (injured), Bruce McKay, Paul Rattray, Malcolm Newman, Stuart Bragg
Front: Wayne Beard, Bruce McCormick, Mark Thwaite, Crichton Smith, Peter Flynn, Ian Dallen, Rowan O'Brien
Away for the game,  Andrew Clarke, Martin Mills, Paul Burns



Masters Draw

The 2017 Masters draw should son be available on the Sydney Masters Hockey Association website -





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