Masters 2018 Draw and Results

For all the season draws and results across all Masters grades go to the Sydney Masters HA website.

Masters A team win 2016 Masters Premier League Grand Final

Our masters A team won the 2016 Grand Final with The title came in a 3-1 win over valiant Manly.

SUHC last won the title in 2005, with several stalwarts from then still playing in this team.

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Registration for Masters players remains open. Registering has two steps. You must register with the club and then you must register with our local association North West Sydney HA which covers HNSW as well. 

Click here for the 2018 registration instructions  which contain all the information and links you need to register. The 2018 fees are list in the instructions.

Compare the Pair

The 2011 Grand-Final-winning Vets C team should be compared to the original SUHC Vets team. The Club thanks these very long-term and evidently solid supporters, most of whom continue to play. 
Our first vets team in 2001 was: 


Players to look for here are Malcolm Newman, Bruce McCormick, Crichton Smith, Andrew Clarke, Tony Selmes, Bruce McKay and Martin Mills, who played in 2011 in vets C. Most were available for the Grand Final, and their less youthful faces appear again in the photo from that game. In addition, Mike Irby, Steve Garrett, Peter Pether and David Clarke are still playing, but not in Vets C. 

Our 2011 Vets C team, pictured after their Grand Final win, were: 


Back: Ken Kershaw, Malcolm Monteiro, Tony Selmes, Alberto Paludetto (injured), Bruce McKay, Paul Rattray, Malcolm Newman, Stuart Bragg 
Front: Wayne Beard, Bruce McCormick, Mark Thwaite, Crichton Smith, Peter Flynn, Ian Dallen, Rowan O'Brien 
Away for the game,  Andrew Clarke, Martin Mills, Paul Burns