Welcome! This page has information on the Home of Hockey Appeal (HoH), which is helping fund the new Sydney University Hockey facility at the University of Sydney, Lidcombe.

The Home of Hockey Appeal

HoH's immediate goal is to raise the last $100,000 for the first field at Cumberland (NB we are already down to around $85,000in mid October 2016). This field is Stage 1 of an international-standard hockey facility. The University has already secured $4m of the $4.1m budgeted for this Stage 1. Click here for a view of the field - and a donation form - provided at our 2016 Presentation Night.

Donations are needed to complete the financing. Here is a link to the donation form for the HoH Appeal. Please email the completed form to Rod Tubbs at Sydney University (r.tubbs@sport.usyd.edu.au).

If you want to donate on-line you can use this link to go straight to the University's Sports Foundation (USSF) website. Remember to click on the "Home of Hockey Appeal" button to confirm your donation will go to the hockey field.  Donations of $2 or more to HoH and USSF are tax-deductible in Australia.

"All I want - all I really want - is to play just one home game for Sydney University". Brett Radcliffe, 500 game medallist in 2009.

What is the Home of Hockey Appeal?

HoH is part of the University of Sydney Sports Foundation (USSF). Donations to it are tax deductible and go to Sydney University. HoH is not run by the Club.

What Funds are being Raised, and How Much has been Raised so Far?

The estimated cost of the first stage is $4.1m. The University has already secured $4.0m, so HOH's current target is just $100,000 - and we are already making inroads into that last bit. We need your help, though. Once we have it the club and its supporters will then have contributed $1.75m, or an amazing 42% of the conservatively-budgeted cash cost. The full funding package is:

  • $1.4m from an anonymous donor and 43 generous individuals ("the White Knights") who responded to a private campaign by SUHC in late 2015
  • $1.35m from Sydney University together with committed use of the land
  • $1m from SUSF, as a loan from the University
  • $130,000  that was raised back in 2007-08 towards a field, together with interest, which is still held by USSF
  • $120,000 that will be contributed by Sydney University Hockey Club, after years of careful saving, and
  • $100,000 from the grass-roots Home of Hockey Appeal supported by SUHC, USSF amd SUSF
Here is SUSF's February 2016 progress report on the raising. Other reports will be added as they are issued.

Are Donations to HoH Tax Deductible?

All donations to HoH and USSF of $2 or more are tax deductible in Australia.  Donors will receive an acknowledgement and a receipt from USSF for their donations. Overseas donors should contact USSF to discuss their tax jurisdiction.

Where is the New Field?

The new field will be on University land at Cumberland College. Click here for an area map. It is 5-10 minutes south from the Olympic field at Homebush. The new Westconnex road system may mean it as short as a 20-25 minute drive from the University campus at Camperdown.

What is the Timetable for the Development?

The project began in late 2015, when the first $1.4m in pledges were secured. The University prepared plans and lodged a DA, and the DA was approved in August 2016. The first machine moved onto the site in the week of 10 October, and (weather permitting) the first field will be completed on 25 February 2017, in time for the 2017 season.

Who is Running the Development?

Sydney University's Campus Infrastructure Services is running the development project. The head of CIS is a hockey player, so CIS has great insights. Lend Lease is the head contractor.

What will the Field Look like when it is Finished?

There is a schematic in the 2016 Presentation Night brochure, and more photos and images in the section below.

Who will Run the Field?

The new field will be operated by Sydney Uni Sport & Fitness, which is already one of the State's biggest and best sports facility administrators.

When will Stage 2 proceed?

Stage 1 is scheduled for completion on 31 March 2017, weather permitting. We do not know when Stage 2 will proceed: that will be dictated by the availability of funds and demand, as well as broader issues around the management of the Cumberland Campus. When completed, the two fields forming the University's hockey facility are expected to make it one of the best club-owned hockey facilities in the country.

Who do I Contact for More information?

You should contact Rod Tubbs at SUSF about donations (r.tubbs@sport.usyd.edu.au). For information about SUHC contact our 2016 President, Ant McInnes (president@suhc.asn.au), or any of the other contacts listed on SUHC's Contacts page.

What will Stage 1 of the Hockey Centre Look Like?

A schematic

The location of the new turf. The white-roofed gym is likely to be the change rooms for 2017

Concept of the turf's location and other potential uses of the grassed area at Cumberland. The land slopes down from the top of the photo, so the trees at the bottom are lower than the playing fields. The two fields on the left are concepts: they are less than 50m wide, so it's hard to guess the sport that would be played there.

For images of the construiction phase, and details of how it will operate, go to the Cumberland Turf page