Our Fees in 2017

Our playing fees have had to increase slightly on 2016 as so many competition fees have risen.  They include your annual SUSF fee - gyms, insurance and all that, but do not include the compulsory Association and HNSW fee. They are paid separately - see our update on how to register.

Men's and Women's

Under 18 (but not in Juniors)



Cubs (born in 2006 or later)
Others playing junior comps


Masters only
Masters plus Men's

Goalkeepers with their own gear may be eligible for a refund of part of their fees.  Talk with your coach or VP for more details.

Fees must be paid before Round 1 of the competition, or before you play if you come after the comp starts. Click here to be directed to our On-Line Registrations. All fees must be finalised by Round 3 of competition.

Non-financial players will NOT be allowed to take the field - no exceptions. Our members are mostly students and cannot afford to subsidise freeloaders! We also need to ensure our players are financial with not just the club but also the associations in which we play. If you take the field without having joined SUSF and HNSW you do so ENTIRELY at your own risk - SUHC, SUSF and SU take no responsibility for any injury or damage or anything!