The Bruce Pryor Field

Getting to the SUHC Bruce Pryor Field

The SUHC home ground called the Bruce Pryor Field is located on the Sydney University campus at Lidcombe. The gate on Weeroona Rd provides easy entrance to the field with plenty of parking.

Lidcombe Station is about 2.75kms away. It is a 5 min drive and a 5 min bus. There are M92 buses which runfrom Lidcombe station to a stop which is a 2 min walk to field.

There is also a free shuttle bus from Cumberland to Lidcombe Station during Uni teaching weeks. It leaves from Gate 2, which is still  close to the gym and field. For more details click here to see the information on the University's website.

High Performance Field

Sydney University's Bruce Pryor Field was completed in April 2017 and continues to earn praise as the best and truest hockey playing surface in Sydney.

That is no surprise, because it is. It was built with the Poligras Platinum COOLplus surface, which is the best-in-the-world playing surface for our climate. It was used at the 2016 Rio Olympics and will be used for the 2018 Commonwealth Games: the Gold Coast Hockey Centre and the Runaway Bay training field both have have this same high-quality surface.

This surface is also now appearing at the best of the State-level venues:

• Queensland State Hockey Centre (#2 field)
• Victorian State Hockey Centre (both fields)
• ACT Hockey Centre (Watt Field)
• Tasmanian Hockey Centre (#3 field)

It is also installed on Grafton Hockey Association's Brent Livermore Field  up in Grafton (home of PK, BJ and the much-remembered Gary Grafton).

So far SUHC is the only club in Australia lucky enough to have it for its own club field.