Women's 5th Grade match report

This year saw women’s 5th grade make it to the grand final for the first time. This was a huge milestone for us, and although we didn’t walk away with the trophy, we finished the season with a bang - exceeding all expectations of us as a team. Having lost to Moorebank twice before, we were definitely the underdogs (but obviously the favourite to win!). We played some of the best hockey we’ve played this season, but unfortunately it was not quite enough to secure us the big win. We held it together for most of the game, but a scramble in defence in the first half gave Moorebank their first goal. We responded by pushing even harder, and as a result, had many opportunities to score. Unfortunately the Moorebank defence was formidable, and what their goalie lacked in size, she more than made up for in speed. Moorebank locked in their win with a late second goal, bringing the final score to 2-0. Despite the loss, we finished knowing that we’re another season closer to bringing it home!