Smokey: the Legend Continues

One of Sydney University's enduring traditions is the mascot that accompanies our Intervarsity or Uni Games teams.  Smokey the Gnome goes each year - "Gnome is Where the Heart Is", as the T-shirt says. 

Smokey is a brittle little guy, and Uni Games (and the gaps between) can be unkind to such creatures. The Smokey family has learned to adapt over the generations, though, so today's Smokey is not identical to the ancestors that accompanied our teams of yore. 

Everyone knows Smokey has been around for a while, but no-one is quite sure when his ancestors first accompanied our teams to Uni Games or IV.  

We do not have any photos of our first IV team from 1909, but we do have photos back as far as our Men's Intervarsity team of 1928. It was 85 years ago, and one of Smokey's favourite ancestors was proudly sitting by the captain's feet.

It wasn't just a one-off appearance. Smokey's ancestor was in the very front row again in 1929...


... and in 1930.


We play Melbourne University Hockey Club on 23 November in Sydney. Smokey will of course be there: the Centenary Challenge is part of his duties.

Please send copies of any photos of Smokey in other years to Brett Radcliffe or the webmaster. We would like to have a complete profile if possible.