Record-Breaking $6 million bequest underscores hockey legacy of Bruce and Jenny Pryor

Dear Staff, Club and Management Committee members,

Many of you may recall the sad news of the passing of Bruce and Jenny Pryor in 2017 (SUSF news article –

Earlier this year I was informed by the Executor of Bruce & Jenny’s wills that a sum of money had been left to SUSF for the benefit of the Sydney Uni Hockey Club.

I am humbled to announce that the Pryors left a sum in excess of $6 million for our Hockey Club, including for expanded facilities.

This is an incredible act of generosity by the Pryors, who had already done so much for the University with an earlier gift of just over $1 million which helped us establish the Bruce Pryor Hockey Field at The University’s Cumberland campus (email announcement attached).

They have become the largest donors to SUSF, or any of our clubs, in the process, and they have left the biggest bequest to University sport in Australian history.  It may well be the biggest bequest to University sport in the hemisphere – we are unware of anyone else ever being so generous in this way.    

I wish to acknowledge the generosity of the Pryors and to thank Tim Dolan, The University’s Vice-Principal (Advancement), and Dr Michael Spence, Vice Chancellor and Principal, for their assistance and support for the Pryors, for SUSF and for the Hockey Club.

In addition, there are many incredible people in and around the Sydney Uni Hockey Club who were close to the Pryors, and helped foster the culture and values in the Club that made it a destination for this gift. 

In particular, Rowan Johnston, Anne Simmons, Brian Fitzpatrick, Ant McInnes, Sam Lobsey, Ben Chiarella and others over the years became close friends of the Pryors and made the Club a second home for them. 

The funds are to be used for the benefit of the Hockey Club and to improve hockey infrastructure – something that was very close to Bruce’s (and Jenny’s) heart.

This is an extraordinary moment in SUSF’s history and in the Hockey Club’s own 112-year history.  I know many of you will join me in taking a moment to remember the Pryors and to pay tribute to their incredible legacy. 

Kind regards,


Rob Smithies