How to get to Cumberland and Where to Park

Our new turf is up and running. The first matches were played there on 22 April. Some building work is still progressing, like the change rooms, which may take another month. The showers and toilet facilities at the gym are available, and are much better than at most other fields. 

The turf is at Cumberland College, which is part of Sydney University. It is on East Street and Weeroona Road, Lidcombe. The turf is in the south-eastern corner, close to the corner where East Street meets Weeroona Road. See the map here.

To access the turf, drive in the Cumberland College at Gate 3, which runs  off Weeroona Road, just past the corner where East Street turns into Weeroona Road. Here's a link to a specific map. NB Google Maps does not yet show the turf as having been built. (Trust the evidence, not the computer model!)

Parking is (we understand) free before 8am and after 5pm and on weekends when you use Gate 3. It costs $4 a week day otherwise. There may be free parking on the street. Please avoid using Gate 2 during the week. It costs more to park in the carpark behind it, the carpark is further away from the field and it is the main car park for the Cumberland staff. Gate 2 parking is, however, free on weekends.

Lidcombe Station is about 2.75kms away. It is a 6 min drive. There are buses, but they run from 7:15am to 6:15 pm Mondays to Fridays. There is also a free shuttle bus from Cumberland to Lidcombe Station during Uni teaching weeks. It leaves from Gate 2, which is still quite close to the gym and field. For more details click here to see the information on the University's website.

The toilets and showers are in the Cumberland College Gym, which is beside the field. The gym is operated by the Guild (the Cumberland College Students Association). It is NOT an SUSF facility. We are working with the Guild and SUSF to establish to ensure the facilities are always open when needed. We are also discussing how SUHC members might join the Guild to access their gym as part of our training. Ideally we will soon be able to use our fantastic new turf, the gym and the grassed oval next door for all SUHC training.