Annual General Meeting 2018

The 2018 Annual General Meeting for the hockey club was held on the 11th of November 2018 at the Australian Youth Hotel.

The meeting was well attended with approximately 35 members participating. Some catch up beers were had and some decisions were made.

Thanks were extended to the outgoing 2018 committee. The 2019 committee was elected as follows:

President - Ant McInnes

Secretary - Liza Roche

Treasurer - Anne Simmons

Women's VP - Jacinta Mallon

Men's VP - Justin Knott

Junior's VP - Vacant

Master's VP - Brian Fitzpatrick

Club Captain - Matt Cudmore

The General Committee positions were also voted on. These were:

Umpire Convenor - Matt Apps

Equipment Convenor - Sri Puthi

Social Secretary - Vacant

Fresher Convenor - Sarah Ford

Tour Convenor - Ed Baker

Webmaster - David Hewish

Social Media - Alex Hewish

Fundraising - Vacant

Minutes and a copy of the Annual Report (including number of games played) will be available shortly on this website.